on3studio – we see what will be real

As an experienced visualization company, on3studio is dedicated to the representation of ideas, and their uniqueness.

From the study of an architectonic detail, to object representation, or all the way to complete urban-planning conceptions, on3studio creates striking visualizations via renderings, photographs, hand drawings and animations. on3studio’s proposal is aimed at architects, urban-planners, landscape architects and property developers, who during the planning and marketing phase require defining visualization, in order to show the individual character of their project.

The study of architecture, and many years of training and engagement with classical hand drawing, photography and CGI, has left on3studio well acquainted with the various techniques of depicting architecture, and thus has a reliable feel for aesthetics, picture composition and the use of light and colours.

Architecture is living space

We believe that every architectonic space has a unique interaction with the life that takes place within it. We are convinced that an image should represent a snap shot of the typical aspects of this life, in order to naturally and credibly tell a story thereof. Above and beyond technical perfection, an image must provide
enough scope for the personal interpretation of the observer, by means of a strong emotional element. on3studio continually strives to fulfil these demands.

Since the founding in 2003, on3studio has successfully handled well over 1.000 projects for more than 150 companies – many of them internationally renowned.