When it comes to marketing of real estates, we change the perspective:

In conjunction with our strategic partners, we take over the entire value chain of marketing.
For every property, we develop a project specific master plan, which pursues the objective on every step of the way, to make the real estate an object of identification – and thereby increasing its value accordingly.

Starting with the real estate’s characterisation and creation of tenant coordination, via selecting qualified personnel, up to creation of marketing media:
It is always about developing a consistent message, based on the differentiated features of the building, relating to the target group and which can be found at each touch points.
With our Know-How of marketing and real estate, we guarantee a commercialisation fitting the design which will send out a target-oriented message to the market.

The advantages of “one stop shopping”:

  • expense certainty due to early defined services and scheduling
  • strong brand identity by the means of a master plan which comprises all areas of marketing
  • clear and efficient processing with only one point of contact